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August, 2022
3m 06s
Green Feet on Concrete
Our separation from nature is at the root of our environmental catastrophe. Rather than a scientific chronology, this journey is imbued with …
October, 2022
4m 21s
UCL Stem Cell and Gene Therapy MSc
We hear from the Department of Biochemical Engineering team to introduce their Manufacture and Commercialisation of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies MSc. …
September, 2019
4m 21s
Weather the Weather Concept
Experience of the weather back in 1816 or a future world in 2080 as you step inside this meteorological time machine. Created by artist-in-residence …
July, 2022
4m 21s
UCL Bartlett Architecture Show
The annual show exhibits an incredible range of inventive, creative and visual work, including models, drawings, films, multimedia installations and …
April, 2022
5m 7s
Bromley Community Green Hub
The Hub is run by local people taking action for a greener and cleaner Bromley. Whether it's hiring a strimmer, choosing an ethical bank or insulating …
April, 2022
2m 03s
UCL Architecture Masters Programme
Introducing the programme, we talk to the course team to learn more about their fresh and critical approach to architecture and historic urban …
January, 2019
6 photos
Prosthetic Nature
Facing up to our environmental destruction drives the question of what is truly wild? This series augments the colours on a range of images to …
August, 2019
6 photos
Weather the Weather Concept
We photographed the structure for a range of artistic outputs. Designed by artist Inés Camara-Leret and geographer George Adamson at King's College …
August, 2022
6 photos
Weather the Weather on Tour
Experience of the weather back in 1816 or a future world in 2080 as you step inside this meteorological time machine. We photographed the structure …
July, 2021
4 photos
Every Women Bienniale 2021
We photographed Chloé Filani's performance for artist Ebun Sodipo which was shown at Every Women Bienniale.
December, 2018
1 photo
Gilet Jaunes Toulouse
Fuel prices rose sparking protests in 30+ countries. Originating in France, the activists fought against what they and many consider a carbon tax …
September, 2021
1 photo
World Sight Day Campaign
Agency MET Studio commissioned five images for an eye health campaign run by Sight Savers. Photographed for World Sight Day (14 October 2021).